Writing is not dead

Vandalo is an architect who starts writing about music and punk culture around 1985, initially on his own zine “I don’t care” and, later on, on many other zines and magazines. Vandalo starts dedicating himself to graffiti art at the end of the 80s and from that moment onwards he develops an interest towards the study of the “aerosol culture”. His works, his writings regarding the punk culture and his graffiti are represented in various books and catlogues. From 2008 he starts writing about these same themes also on his facebook page and, since 2013, he contributes actively to “Pezzate passate”, one of the most interesting italian blogs dedicated to the art of graffiti.

Giacomo Spazio started writing on walls his “poetic” sentences between 1972 and 1975. At the same time, he also begun creating street “performances” in the cities of Milan and London, both by himself and as part of a crew called “Poesia Metropolitana”. From 1980 he started painting and dedicating himself to music, developing a special interest for stencil art and creating a new art-rock band named “2+2=5”. Between 1982 and 1984, he becomes a co-funder of “UT comunications” and DECODER, the first italian magazine dedicated to the NO Copyright, which is also interested in the cybernetic theory, history, music and cartoons. In 1993, he goes back to painting. Spazio has taught at the Politecnico di Milano and was involved to write about subculture for several different magazines, such as “D” from the newspaper La Repubblica, with which he still collaborates. He is also a critic and curator for various art exhibitions.


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